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Downhole Motor

Product range: downhole motor, test platform for power section & complete motor, hydraulic breakout unit, CNC rotor milling machine, flame cutting machine and hydraulic oscillator. Size Range: Available from 1-11/16" OD to 11-1/4" OD Types: Adjustable Bend Housing type, Water based mud type (conventional type), Oil based mud type, salty based mud type Highlights: Large Torque & longer Service Life
  • 9-5/8'' Downhole Motor

    9-5/8'' Downhole Motor

    9-5/8’’ downhole motor (244mm downhole motor) XOOS 9-5/8’’ downhole motor, complete with bearing assembly, bit box connection: 7-5/8’’ REG; screw on stabilizer 17-3/8’’ spiral 3 blades; adjustable assembly, connecting rod assembly; power section 6/7 lobes, 5.0 stages with catch rod mechanism...Read More

  • All-Mental Downhole Vibration Tool

    All-Mental Downhole Vibration Tool

    Downhole vibration tool increases sliding ROP, and efficiently transfers WOB. It is specially suitable for use in directional wells, extended reach wells and horizontal wells. It is compatible with MWD, downhole motor and any drill bits.Read More

  • Mud Motor

    Mud Motor

    With the maximum drilling speeds and large Torque & longer Service Life. We are manufacturing the high-efficiency Mud Motor in china. We are able to design & manufacture complete motor and motor spare parts, as well as motor testing & maintenance equipments.Read More

  • Rotor and Stator

    Rotor and Stator

    --Conventional Type. Excellent performance has been proven especially when used for oil-based mud (crude oil mud, white oil mud, and diesel oil mud) with larger torque, longer service life. It has been widely used in China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Iran and India.Read More

  • Positive Displacement Motor PDM

    Positive Displacement Motor PDM

    We can provide correct selection of positive displacement motor according to customer’s environmental and drilling conditions. The downhole motors including spare parts are available to be customized according to customer’s operation requirements.Read More

  • Mud Motor Power Section

    Mud Motor Power Section

    With advanced instruments and equipment, excellent process and special surface treatment technology, which has effectively ensured machining precision. Flow area is effectively increased by 10%~20% and rotational speed is improved. Working pressure drop is reduced and the working pumping pressure is reduced accordingly,...Read More

  • Directional Drilling Motor

    Directional Drilling Motor

    Directional drilling motor is also called positive displacement mud motor,we manufacture the downhole motor with different sizes from 1-11/16”OD(43mm) to 11 1/4” OD(286mm) ,we have adjustable bend housing type, water based mud type(conventional type),Oil based mud type and salty based mud type. Moreover, we could design &...Read More

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