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CNG Trailer Cylinder

CNG Trailer Cylinder

Certificates:ASME U, ASME U2
Applicable standard:ASME VIII, ISO 11120-1999, dot sp8009, Q321088HGF 005-2012
Designed pressure:20MPa, 25MPa
Material:ASTM A519 4130Q, ASME SA372 grade J, Classes 110
Manufacture processing: Three-dimensional cold rolling + Hot spinning
Stationary Ground Storage & Movable
Shapes: Cylindrical & Spherical
Applicable gas: CNG, hydrogen
Applicable field: Natural Gas Fueling Station, Gas Storage Station, Marine storage cylinders, High pressure natural gas, hydrogen transport, etc.

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Product Details

ParameterL: 6 metersL: 8 metersL: 11.7 meters
Working   Pressure 25MPa∅559×8   pieces∅559×8   pieces∅559×8   pieces
Wall   Thickness17.3mm17.3mm17.3mm
Water   Volume(L)10602L14055L18000L


Manufacturing Process:

Raw Material Inspection → Cold Centering → Heating → Piercing & Rolling → Cold rolling →

Heat Treatment → Testing → Straightening → NDE → Visual & Dimension Inspection →

Hot Spinning → Heat Treatment → Lab Testing → Hydro & NDE Testing → Storing & Shipping


-Larger volume

-Units with lower transport costs

-Big ratio of water volume/ weight.

-Small sealed interfaces and higher safety factor

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