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CNG Trailer Cylinder

CNG Trailer Cylinder

Certificates:ASME U, ASME U2
Applicable standard:ASME VIII, ISO 11120-1999, dot sp8009, Q321088HGF 005-2012
Designed pressure:20MPa, 25MPa
Material:ASTM A519 4130Q, ASME SA372 grade J, Classes 110
Manufacture processing: Three-dimensional cold rolling + Hot spinning
Stationary Ground Storage & Movable
Shapes: Cylindrical & Spherical
Applicable gas: CNG, hydrogen
Applicable field: Natural Gas Fueling Station, Gas Storage Station, Marine storage cylinders, High pressure natural gas, hydrogen transport, etc.

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Product Details

 CNG Trailer Cylinder

ParameterL: 6 metersL: 8 metersL: 11.7 meters
Working Pressure 25MPa∅914×4 pieces∅559×8 pieces∅914×4 pieces∅559×8 pieces∅914×4 pieces∅559×8 pieces
Wall Thickness22.5mm17.3mm22.5mm17.3mm22.5mm17.3mm
Water Volume(L)13500L10602L18000L14055L27000L18000L


Manufacturing Process:

Raw Material Inspection → Cold Centering → Heating → Piercing & Rolling → Cold rolling →

Heat Treatment → Testing → Straightening → NDE → Visual & Dimension Inspection →

Hot Spinning → Heat Treatment → Lab Testing → Hydro & NDE Testing → Storing & Shipping


φ914mm cylinder with large water volume, single trailer with 4 pieces cylinders can reach 25m³up. φ914mm cylinder’s units with lower transport costs, ratio of water volume/ weight basically more than 1, the biggest can up to 1.43. φ914mm with fewer numbers of cylinders compared with φ559mm, small sealed interfaces and higher safety factor.


As per ASME Sec. VIII cylinder design, φ914mm cylinder with high safety coefficient, high storage efficiency, can be widely used in natural gas station, Diesel train CNG transformation, marine storage bottles group and other chemical gases such as hydrogen storage.

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