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Oilfield Equipment

XOOS provides a comprehensive range of drilling rig components,drilling tools and spare parts related to onshore and offshore activities. All the products conform to API Standards with good quality and performance.
  • PZ Series Mud Pumps

    PZ Series Mud Pumps

    PZ Series Mud Pumps • Nodular iron power frame, eccentric, connection rods, and crossheads • Double-row-spherical roller bearnings carry eccentric • Double extended Jackshaft carried on heavy-duty straight roller bearings • Dual roller bearing connecting rod • Heat-treated alloy steel main gears...Read More

  • F Series Mud Pumps

    F Series Mud Pumps

    F Series Mud Pumps 1. The standards of F series mud pumps This series mud pump are strictly manufactured according to API Spec 7k “the Equipment Specification of Well Drilling and Repairing”, and are tested accordingly when leave factory. They are widely used in the oilfields and other...Read More

  • Drilling Rig Crown Blocks

    Drilling Rig Crown Blocks

    D rilling Rig Crown Blocks 1. The standards of drilling rig crown blocks The crown blocks complies with API Spec 4F, and conforms to the SY/T5527 standard. 2. The structure and parameters of drilling rig crown blocks The crown block consists of crown basement, fast-line sheave, dead-line sheave,...Read More

  • Hydraulic Power Swivels

    Hydraulic Power Swivels

    Hydraulic Power Swivels Power Swivel is the device installing on the derrick of servicing rig, to provide rotating power. Except the use for such workover jobs as casing milling, milling, drilling cement plug and bridge plug and fishing, it is also used for sidetracking drilling, drilling open...Read More

  • Travelling Block

    Travelling Block

    Travelling Block Traveling block complies with API Spec 8C, and conforms to the SY/T5527 standard. The sheave can exchange with the matching crown sheaves. The sheave groove has been intermediate frequency quenched, which can improve the hardness of the surface, the wear, and the service life....Read More

  • Drawworks and Hooks

    Drawworks and Hooks

    Drawworks Drawworks is necessary hoisting mechanism on a drilling rig. Essentially, drawworks is one large winch that spools off or takes in the drilling line and thus raises or lowers the drill stem and bit. Hooks The hook complies with API Spec 8A and conforms to the SY/T5527 standard. The...Read More

  • Hook Blocks

    Hook Blocks

    Hook Blocks 1. The description of hook blocks Hook block complies with API Spec 8A/8C. Joining traveling block and hook together reduces overall length and can help satisfying the requirements of top drive operation. The hook block is equipped with the reliable safety devices on the main hook....Read More

  • Rotary Tables

    Rotary Tables

    Rotary Tables Rotary table is effective device used in drilling rig. The rotary table conforms to API Specification 7K. Features: • The pinion and gear are made of alloy steel. • The master bushing for rotary table is made from a steel casting. • Pin transmission type is suitable for API...Read More

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