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Drilling Rig Components

  • PZ Series Mud Pumps

    PZ Series Mud Pumps

    • Nodular iron power frame, eccentric, connection rods, and crossheads
    • Double-row-spherical roller bearnings carry eccentric
    • Double extended Jackshaft carried on heavy-duty straight roller bearings
    • Dual roller bearing connecting rod​
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  • F Series Mud Pumps

    F Series Mud Pumps

    Standard: API Spec 7K;
    Function: well drilling and well repairing;
    Model: F-500, F-800, F-1000, F-1300, F-1600.
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  • Drilling Rig Crown Blocks

    Drilling Rig Crown Blocks

    Standard of crown blocks: API Spec 4F;
    Strucutre: crown basement, fast-line sheave, dead-line sheave, main sheave, sand-line sheave,
    drillng line protector and sheaves for hydraulic and air winch, bumper wood for the crown-o-matic and guardrail.
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  • Hydraulic Power Swivels

    Hydraulic Power Swivels

    Power swivel standard: API 8C spec.
    Swivel Models: SL70, SL110, SL135, SL160, SL225,SL450.
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  • Travelling Block

    Travelling Block

    Standard: API Spec 8C.
    Model: YC225, YC315, YC450, YC585, YC675;
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  • Drawworks and Hooks

    Drawworks and Hooks

    Standard: API Spec 8A;
    Model: DG225, DG315, DG450, DG65;
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  • Hook Blocks

    Hook Blocks

    Standard: API Spec 8A/8C;
    Parameters: Max. load; Sheave OD; Number of Sheave; Drilling line diameter;
    Hook body type; Hook opening dimension; Spring stroke;
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  • Rotary Tables

    Rotary Tables

    • The pinion and gear are made of alloy steel.
    • The master bushing for rotary table is made from a steel casting.
    • Pin transmission type is suitable for API standard square or hexagonal Kelly roller bushing.
    • Effective lubrication and reliable seals are provided by design.
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