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Hydraulic Mechanical Drilling Jar

Hydraulic Mechanical Drilling Jar

Size: 4 3/4'', 6 1/2'', 8''; Type: hydraulic-mechanical drilling jar;

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Hydraulic-mechanical drilling jar integrates hydraulic principle with mechanical principle. It's a new type drilling jar, which can suit for all kinds of drilling operations, and go with drilling  tools assembly to descend the well when used. The drilling tools are often stuck due to many kinds  of reasons in down hole when in normal drilling operations, and this type drilling jar is an effective  tool for releasing stuck. When the drilling tools are stuck, it can make drilling jar generate upward  or downward jarring force through lifting and landing the drill strings, so it can release resistance  and the stick by many time jarring, and recover normal drilling operation promptly. Meanwhile avoid  resistance and stick to become further accident, and cause larger economic losses. If releasing force is fa

We can also produce H2S resistance Jars, which adopt high quality import sulfur-resistance material.

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mm (inch)


mm (inch)

ConnectionMax. Tensile LoadMax. working torqueEx   factory calibration release force
upward jarring force (kN)downward   jarring force (kN)
121 (4 3/4)44.5 (1 3/4)NC38100012400±30220±30
165 (6 1/2)57.2 (2 1/4)NC50150014650±30300±30
203 (8)70 (2 3/4)6 5/8REG220018800±30400±30


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