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Roller Reamer

Roller Reamer

Roller Reamer: 5-7/8” – 28”
Hole Opener Range: 12-1/4"- 36〞

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Roller reamer is designed for various reaming operation. It can be used in hard formation or abrasive formation, in order to  keep the standard hole size. When the bit size is under the standard size, it can ream the well bottom size to standard hole size.  Whether drilling the vertical well or directional well, it can make the bit or casing come into the normal hole size. The features  of roller reamer are small frictional resistance with well wall, strong abrasive resistance and long life. 

Hardfacing of roller: 

Type T: Soft formation 

Type F: Medium hard formation 

Type B: Hard formation

Roller Reamer Specifications:

Working   Outside Diameter ODSalvage Diameter ODTop ThreadBottom ThreadRoller   LengthLength   of FishingTotal LengthRemarks
149.25 7/8120.74 3/4NC38NC382007 7/860023 5/8160063  Drill String Type
3 1/2 REG70027  9/16Bottom Hole Type
155.66120.74 3/4NC38NC382007 7/860023 5/8160063 Drill String Type
3 1/2 REG70027  9/16Bottom Hole Type
1526 1/8120.74 3/4NC38NC382007 7/860023 5/8160063Drill String Type
3 1/2 REG70027  9/16Bottom Hole Type
215.98 1/21656 1/2NC50NC502007 7/860023 5/8180070 7/8Drill String Type
4 1/2 REG70027  9/16Bottom Hole Type
311.1512 1/420386 5/8 REG6 5/8 REG30011 13/1662424  9/16190074 13/16Drill String Type
Bottom Hole Type
444.517 1/222997 5/8 REG7 5/8 REG3041262424  9/16210082 43/64Drill String Type
Bottom Hole Type


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