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Fishing Tools & Accessories

  • Back-off Sub

    Back-off Sub

    Back-off Sub Back-off sub is also called back off spear. It can instead of taper tap to fish or back off when dealing with sticking. If the fish stuck or can’t be back off, we can release from the back off sub, and then trip the drilling tool. Welcome to contact for further...Read More

  • Sliding Block Spear

    Sliding Block Spear

    Sliding Block Spear
    OD: 73~175mm;
    Connection:2 3/8TBG; NC26, NC31, NC38;
    Fishing ID: 38~168.1mm;
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  • Reverse Circulating Junk Basket

    Reverse Circulating Junk Basket

    Reverse Circulating Basket Usage: fishing all types of small junk, objects in well bores OD: 4''~15''Read More

  • ITCO Junk Basket

    ITCO Junk Basket

    ITCO Junk Basket; Size: 5 15/16''~15'' Connection: NC38, NC50, 6 5/8REG; 7 5/8REGRead More

  • Junk Sub

    Junk Sub

    Name: Junk Sub
    Specifications: All specifications
    Remaks: Size, connection, wellbore size;
    If size other than above specification, please specify clearly.
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  • Cone Junk Catcher

    Cone Junk Catcher

    Advantages: simple structure, safe and reliable using.
    Size: 3 7/8'', 4 3/8'', 7 5/8'', 7 7/8'', 8 9/32'', 11 39/64''.
    Connection: 2 7/8 REG, NC38, NC50, 6 5/8 REG.
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  • Three Ball Fisher

    Three Ball Fisher

    OD range: 95~143mm;
    Connection: 2 3/8TBG, NC31, NC38;
    Hole Size: 4 1/2'', 5'', 5 1/2'', 6 1/2'';
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  • Fishing Magnet

    Fishing Magnet

    OD: 76~356mm;
    Connection: 7 5/8 REG, 6 5/8 REG, NC50, 3 1/2 REG, NC31, 2 3/8 REG;
    Well Temperature: 210;
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  • Reverse Circulating Fishing Magnet

    Reverse Circulating Fishing Magnet

    OD: 86~381mm;
    Connection: 2 3/8REG; NC23, NC31, NC38, NC50, 6 5/8REG, 7 5/8REG;
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  • Taper Tap

    Taper Tap

    Sub OD: 89~203mm;
    Connection: NC26, NC31, NC38, NC46, NC50, 6 5/8REG;
    Fishing Bore Diameter Range: 50~203mm
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  • Die Collar

    Die Collar

    Sub OD: 3 3/8''~9 1/32'';
    Fishing Bore Diameter Range: 40~208mm;
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  • Internal Hook

    Internal Hook

    Size: 2 7/8'', 3 3/4'', 4 1/2'', 5 29/32'', 7 31/64'';
    Connection: 2 3/8 UP TBG, NC26, NC31, NC38;
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