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Internal Hook

Internal Hook

Size: 2 7/8'', 3 3/4'', 4 1/2'', 5 29/32'', 7 31/64'';
Connection: 2 3/8 UP TBG, NC26, NC31, NC38;

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Internal Hook

The internal hook is used for fishing all kinds of ropes and other fishes from the casing or tubing, such as wire lines, logging steel pieces, paraffin cutters, etc. (whether internal hook insert into the ropes or other fishes), then pick up the drilling tools and the hook tooth will carry the fishes to the ground.


mm (in) 

Connection  Laying down casing/tubing  
73(2-7/8) 2-3/8UP TBG 3-1/2tubing 
95(3-3/4) NC26 4-1/2tubing 
114(4-1/2) NC31 5-1/2casing 
150(5-29/32) NC38 7casing 
190(7-31/64) NC38 9-5/8casing 

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