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1/4 Stainless Steel Control Line Tubing

1/4 Stainless Steel Control Line Tubing

Material: 304L, 316L;
OD: 1/8''~1/2''
WT: 0.025''~0.065'';
Working Pressure: 60~120MPa;
Length: 50~4000 meters/reel

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1/4" stainless steel control line tube is mainly used for controling the downhole safety valve and bleed valve of packer ,connecting 1/4 "hydraulic control line to downhole safety valve & bleed valve, through the ground pressuring given to control the switch of subsurface safety valve and bleed valve, after processing to the set pressure, subsurface safety valve and bleed valve will be opened at the same time, oil and gas Wells will be in proper production, at the same time, the gas separated by  electric submersible pump can also be discharged by bleed  valve, if encounter with blowout or normal well shut-in, then release the pressure of control line, so as to close the subsurface safety valve and bleed valve, Plugging  the oil and gas well tubing and annulus flow channel to ensures the safety of oil Well, of course, the 1/4 "hydraulic control line can also be used separately for controlling subsurface safety valve, it also can be used for the control of the ground safety valve and other ground pressure control valve, as well as large equipment instrument control systems.

Application fields: 


* Down hole tubes

* Subsea umbilical’s

*  Process constructions 

* General control system

* Steam supply lines

* Gas transport lines

* Instrumentation

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