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ASTM A269 304L Seamless Control Line Tubing

ASTM A269 304L Seamless Control Line Tubing

Application fields:
* General control system
* Steam supply lines
* Gas transport lines
* Instrumentation
* Down hole tubes
* Subsea umbilical’s
* Process constructions

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ASTM A269 304L seamless control line tubing

We are specialized company in china for providing types of stainless steel coiled tube, stainless steel control line, stainless steel testing cable, stainless steel capillary tube, stainless steel continuous tube, stainless steel seamless tube, stainless steel welded tube as well as stainless steel multi –core tubes for shipbuilding and other stainless steel products.



MaterialODWall Thickness (inch)Working Pressure (MPa)Length (M/Reel)
304L1/8”0.025”,   0.035”, 0.049”80--12050--4000
304L1/4”0.035”,   0.049”, 0.065”60--12050--3000
304L3/8”0.035”,   0.049”, 0.065”60--12050--2500
304L1/2”0.035”,   0.049”, 0.065”60--12050--2000


Inspection methods:


Eddy current test; Hydrostatic test; Radiographically testing for all orbital joints; Mechanical properties;  Chemical composition; Visual inspection; final packing inspection


*Hydrostatic test for each coil and conform to ASTM standards and requested specifications.

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